Experience to share working in tech (to high schoolers)

1–1 session with high schooler at Google  office

Previous weeks, I attended Geek Girls meet-up for the first time where there were a group of high schools girls and 20 mentors(us) mixed around to give them advices on girls in tech field on 1–1 in every 15 minutes interval.

Woah. big responsibility. Despite not knowing what to share, I went.

We were asked to introduce in front of them. The other mentors are from strong background like Googler in YouTube ads team, product managers from PWC, top scholarship owner of some awesome place (where some gasped when she introduced)etc. Looks like I am the only “traditional” software engineer in the room.

1. Tech overall industries

Student A: Hi, are you from Google?

Me: I’m not but I’m from a really awesome IT startup.

I asked them what’s their interests in tech and what do they think people in tech industry do, mostly would say coding. Some do not have any idea if she likes it or not because “tech” sounds too vague/far from her.

Before I projected alien technical word to her, I introduced some of the recent tech trending like Robotics, Virtual Reality, Web/Mobile tech field, difference between agency and product company, and jobs besides developer in tech based on her curiosity. There are roles like UX architect, product manager, security/networking researcher, tech recruiting..etc.

2. Why I’m(still) in tech industry

I talked about the difference of working in agency company and product company, working at (1–5 people)startup, multi-national startup and corporates in hopes that they know their options as they can choose other than big brand companies in their early career phase.

My daily routine in different phase of the project and how to work with different team (locally and remotely) and the possibilities of expanding to other roles from software engineer.

3. Misconception of tech industry

Some of the girls thought they are not good enough to learn coding (as they are not as good as the boys) while I shared my experience in learning Swift online. It’s ok to write code sucks at first, gradually you will improve. A girl shared her experience of creating a project with friends and she felt amazed to create something from nothing to something with technology.

It’s not hard to transition into tech industry, you just got to get your hands dirty at producing some sample works or even attend some tech events. I shared my insecurities in attending some tech events even though I need to go back and read more about the sharing.

A refreshing experience of sharing with a group of high schoolers and expose them to a wider view on tech industry. Not really the best person to give them advice but hopefully they grasp the idea of women in tech industry.


UXSG Meetup: First self-conducted group discussion


Backdrop: I have been joining UXSG talk from time to time to know more on UX-related issues and something really interesting insights as well. In UXSG, they applied open space discussion where by everyone can propose any topic, be it beginner question (what is UX?) or some in-depth UX dilemmas that needs more UX experts to input. After topics are suggested, the top 8 voted questions will be chosen to have 30 mins discussion. Anyone is free to join or leave any of the discussion anytime.

Everyone has 3 votes on the topics they are interested in
Everyone has 3 votes on the topics they are interested in
UX Topics of the night
Chosen UX Topics of the night

Here is my topic:

How does coming from different background helps in having better UX in process?

Why I have this topic in mind:

I noticed there are a lot of people learned about UX and later transitioned into designer/researcher. Be it from finance, business analyst, or photographer..etc

As a software engineer who just finished UX from GA, I found I can do more in UX, not only in just technical help in early UX discovery phase but also apply my UX skill into development as well. However I can only find vague discussions in UX context online so I would to hear more from others.

For UX designer, I would also like to explore on:

Do share any experience you have worked with different stakeholders(from different background) and what’re the challenges or things that you wished to improve at that time?

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Thoughts From Swift workshop-DevFest 2015

DevFest 2015

Learning process can be fun, lonely or frustrating depends on different circumstances. Especially in IT, you are expected to learn on your own nowadays because Internet is easily accessible. When you have someone willing to teach you, you are likely to be more motivated and exchange ideas from each other. By joining a community, you meet a lot of like-minded people and to consult from.

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iOS Dev Scout March Meetup


iOS Dev Scout Meetup

iOS Dev Scout Meetup

Venue: Paypal office at Millenia Tower, Singapore

Date: 5th March 2015

Time: 7:00pm


Speakers: Subhransu Behera, Aizat Omar


Before 7:00PM: Dinner & Networking
7:00PM: Game Development with SpriteKit and Swift by Subh
8:00PM: Aizat will talk about how to use Photo library to grab photos from device photo gallery.


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