Being a newcomer

Hi, I’m a mobile developer with 2 years experience. I’m not good in writing paragraph of texts by introducing myself without getting bored and dreadful so let’s starts this off with questions.


1. WHY you choose to blog?

— Because I am not an experienced developer. Through blogging, hopefully I can organised my knowledge on what I have learned and benefit myself by evaluating my understandings and performances on tech.


2. Which mobile platform do you prefer? iOS or Android?

— iOS. I started off with Android because Android lifetime developer account fee with my universities final year projects but later self-learn Objective-C and continues as iOS developer ever since. I’m involved in Android development too but not as frequent as it is now because of daily responsibilities.

3. Which websites you always use for technologies?

Stackoverflow (For technical questions)

Quora (For career or concept-related questions) & Meetup (For events announcements)

4. Why you interested in mobile environment?

— I like to code for an output with complete user interfaces, graphics and animations for development to feel satisfactions. Coding for mobile make me easy to visualise and addicted to learn more cool coding patterns and powerful functionalities without over complicated things up.

5. Do you consider yourself as experienced in this field?

— Not yet but I will be. At this moment there’s still a lot of things I need to learn from best practices, design patterns, project dependencies management, app testing..etc. I am trying to attend tech events and meet-up to enrich my limited insights. I’m appreciate any gurus available to guide me, be it in ruby, java or new languages to improve.

6. Are you able to code in other languages beside iOS and Android?

— I learned C++, HTML, CSS, JQuery, ruby.

7. What roles you involved in work up until now?

— I joined a small startup with a group of 4 persons (including me) so I need to juggle multiple roles which have it pros and cons.

  • iOS development coder
  • Critical support member for urgent bugs and crashes (Standby 6am for a newspaper app was needed)
  • Project Manager for few projects
  • App tester for app that has iOS and Android platforms