UXSG Meetup: First self-conducted group discussion


Backdrop: I have been joining UXSG talk from time to time to know more on UX-related issues and something really interesting insights as well. In UXSG, they applied open space discussion where by everyone can propose any topic, be it beginner question (what is UX?) or some in-depth UX dilemmas that needs more UX experts to input. After topics are suggested, the top 8 voted questions will be chosen to have 30 mins discussion. Anyone is free to join or leave any of the discussion anytime.

Everyone has 3 votes on the topics they are interested in
Everyone has 3 votes on the topics they are interested in
UX Topics of the night
Chosen UX Topics of the night

Here is my topic:

How does coming from different background helps in having better UX in process?

Why I have this topic in mind:

I noticed there are a lot of people learned about UX and later transitioned into designer/researcher. Be it from finance, business analyst, or photographer..etc

As a software engineer who just finished UX from GA, I found I can do more in UX, not only in just technical help in early UX discovery phase but also apply my UX skill into development as well. However I can only find vague discussions in UX context online so I would to hear more from others.

For UX designer, I would also like to explore on:

Do share any experience you have worked with different stakeholders(from different background) and what’re the challenges or things that you wished to improve at that time?


My first experience in facilitating group discussion
My first experience in facilitating group discussion

Key points to mention

  • Domain knowledge help a lot if your product is in the similar background as you know where you should pay attention on and what’s the key questions on the problem statement you can probably tackle on.
  • People coming from Sales background has better experience in explaining concept to client and with UX knowledge, they are able to adapt a real-example with client.
  • The design thinking of people from different background, ages, purposes (commercial team, sales team, QA team..etc) will produce different strengths. ETC: project manager who has financial background, the importance might be put on data and emphasis on conducting analytics and metrics during the process.
  • Software engineer is able to help A/B Testing on release/live-product by enable different screens(checkbox vs dropdown) installations among users to test which user group has the higher conversion rates (click on the selection). All these can be recorded and transformed into data-driven result. Thus, it has a much better proof in a UX testing.
  • For improve UX in development, readability should be emphasised because not only it will be better maintained in the future and it will be easier for non-developer/coder to feel less intimidated to understand or conduct some small experiments (change colours etc) without the need of developer involvement thus more time can be saved.
  • Web designer feels  that while readability is important, consistency is important as well. In terms of code architecture, a centerized stylesheet is posed as a better overview and also accurate and fast change on small elements.
  • Pattern library is one of the solutions for consistency to not only create a better experience for designer but also for the stakeholders.



My first experience in facilitating a discussion is good and it boost my confidence to voice out my concerns. Appreciate those who shared their experiences and examples in this discussions.  Like the open space discussion concept which encourages people to conduct discussion on their problems or findings.


Do you have more thoughts? Feel free to find me at Twitter.

Here time lapse for the event



More to read up on

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Realm:  10 Ways to Get Designers in Your Swift Codebase



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