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I like to explore around Singapore when I’m free (no, I’m not sleepwalking) and it is safe for me to venture around as long I have my 4G connection and money on me. I use location-route-app when I need to find how to go to my destination in public transports.

Come to know of this app when I read across TechCrunch 2015 Apps Nominees.

In Singapore, I use GoThereSg mobile(S$5.98) and GoogleMaps(occasionally) therefore in the following I will compare this app with Citymapper based on my experience.


1 – Transportation coverage

It provides bus, train service(MRT and LRT), ferry, walking which is considered very sufficient. It also show bike shares location for some cities (etc San Fran).  The route is given clearly (with cost, journey duration, time arrive or even calories used if you walk to destination – wow).

Not only local public transport information, Citymapper provides urban transport app (Uber in this case) with


2 –  Get Me Home, Get Me Work

User can set their house and work location so next time all you need is a tap on “Get me home/work” from your current location, it will conveniently route you to the destination. Not a wow factor but is a good to have feature for users.

Some other good to have features:

  • Reverse button: Reverse the route ( Point B to Point A)
  • Best Section for Train service: Informs you which section of the train is more likely to be more comfortable. (Etc: Front, Back, Middle)

3 – Easy switch to multiple cities

It covers quite a lot of main cities like London, Hong Kong..etc(29 cities at the moment) if your city is not in the list, you can actually vote for your city to be the next city in Citymapper. I appreciate this feature because I wouldn’t need to download a new app again when I’m in the new city.


4 – Cute hidden gems

I’m surprised when I discovered there are options for teleport, jetpack and catapult! Apparently it is just for fun with the animation of sending you to space with catapult accidentally (A safety net might be useful!)



You need pull up enough to see this

YOLO: You need pull up enough to see this-



1 – Accuracy

I still have some doubts on its location accuracy when I’m at MRT station(point A) but the app pointed me at point B which is some distance from point A.

2 – Precision

The map does not shows as detailed as app with only road names. Sometimes building names helps when I have difficulty in finding the road name of my current spot.


-GothereSg Map-


As a mobile developer, if I were one of the developers in Citymapper, I’ll be proud of this product. It shows signs of expanding and I am excited to see its evolvement to know more about its load handling, data handling of locations, routes..etc because so far I didn’t face serious performance issues.

As a user, the UI is well-designed and I am having fun explore around. It might be overwhelmed by some non-tech savvy people because there are a lot of things to look at on first glance but I think it’s ok after awhile tapping here and there.


Get this for iOS and Android

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