Good habits hard to cultivate

Bad habits


To know what’s happening in Tech. (and not via Facebook)

I don’t read much on motivational or inspirational book. In fact, I managed to read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” because the graphics captivated me and the writing was like the author is talking with you as a friend. That time I were pump up to have all the habits but I will forget it after 3 weeks (or less than that like new year resolutions).


I love drama. I pick drama series and shows to watch but there’s still a lot of interesting shows like travel, different countries’ cultures, love/crime/thriller drama series. As I can read Korean, I can chase drama during Live broadcasting time much easier. Learning to control the amount is hard but I have to, because I need to allocate time for learning.


Commute time

Everyone stares at cellphone when they commute to work, be it in metro, bus or even walking. I put my book in my bag but I realised I were just carrying it around (back and forth to work and home)



I have a habit to listen to radio(can’t stand total silence and low focus time) while I’m reading that I overlooked and think I’ll keep myself updated to news or anything from DJs which is bad because I can’t concentrate. White noise is ok but too distinct noise like radio ads is too distracting.



Hard to move. When haze was too serious or when back from a long trip, it is a bit hard to reboot again. Hard to find companion to do the sports together makes you lack of interest as time goes by. I used to use Nike+ to record the distance I have jogged and spammed group chatroom(only one) just to motivate myself. You can see other’s friends’ running record as well and try to surpass it (competitive me).



I barely read a book in a year (or all these years… shame on me) Time just slips by when I didn’t really have an urge to buy a book because it is space-occupied object. (Not an e-book person because I like the feel of holding a book despite the weight)

So I promise myself:

  1. 1 TED video first then 1 episode of drama.
  2. MUST read my revise book when I commute
  3. Listen to cafe music on Spotify instead of radio when I’m working
  4. Join company bootcamp and medication. Jog for 5km per week (or more!)
  5. Get to the office earlier, sit in front of my desk and starts reading. No Facebook.

Baby steps: Need to keep things going at least for this year.



Start something new. Be it for your career or for recreational. It’s getting harder for me to self-learn as other activities then to slip in without knowing (like gatherings or work overtime). I self-learned Korean by myself when I’m in my intern (too much free time) and I’m proud of it every time someone ask me how. It’s better to pay for a course and stick to it as it will make sure you are on track(no skipping). Although bank account increment rate will slow down but it’s ok, it’s an investment.






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