Thoughts From Swift workshop-DevFest 2015

DevFest 2015

Learning process can be fun, lonely or frustrating depends on different circumstances. Especially in IT, you are expected to learn on your own nowadays because Internet is easily accessible. When you have someone willing to teach you, you are likely to be more motivated and exchange ideas from each other. By joining a community, you meet a lot of like-minded people and to consult from.

Recently, Devfest 2015 , Singapore’s first community organized developer festival held from 12 November – 22 November 2015. Some of the participants travelled to Singapore just to attend the festival which made me think that being in Singapore, learning is much more accessible to approach interested community and resources in IT. (At least you do not need to pay for the flight ticket and you can just drop by after work)

For this Swift workshop, the speaker started off with presentation slides on Swift syntax and conducted hands-on coding from time to time. This was the first time I offered to help out as volunteer, I walked around and approached someone with shifty eyes(but shy to ask) to ask if everything’s alright. Some participants are from other languages background(Java, Python etc.) and they are interested to try out Swift. Had interesting exchange on project experience among the participants in workshop.

Some developers seldom attend workshops or seminars as they see this as time-wasting as they rather spend time playing games. It might get awkward at first when you attend a event where everyone is having a great conversation and you are struggle to find a foot there. Confidence will eventually grow as well as your professional networking circle.



DevFest 2015 (12/11-22/11): 





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