Being a newbie in workplace


1. Do ask me any questions. I’m a friendly person. I’ll try to help you.

People like project manager or colleagues tend to say this. This somehow presents themselves as a friendly person. When I’m in my intern year, I learned this the hard way. I asked a lot of questions when I struggled with a new language before I joined the company and I got a deadline to chase. I am the person who ask questions when I had uncertainties and after I did my research. My mentor answered my questions politely but at the evaluation time she commented that I asked too much. Feeling betrayed, I felt that I were being backstabbed and were not given a chance to redeem myself. From my point of view, if my question can be answered in 10 minutes time instead of my half-day research work, I should ask right? Should I or should I not?

It can be turned out to be:

– Don’t come find me with questions. Come with a solution.

– If you don’t have a solution, means you are not finding the solution hard enough. Search more. 

On the other side, asking questions can distract my colleague’s work and it sounds that you are too lazy to search the answer and wait to be spoon-fed.

Since then I have made a mental note, don’t take this line so seriously. Work 10 times harder by re-read the documents 3-4 times, read through every forums and resists the temptation to run to colleague desk to ask them.  Don’t overdone.


2. I’m your friend. Feel free to share your problems to me. I can advice you as a friend.

It depends. I will say… spilt your work and personal life affairs apart. You need some time(or a very long time) to get to know someone. You can be friend with your colleague, just don’t eager to share out your dark secret.  

A secret can never be a secret once you told someone. Remember, it could backfire on you.


3. It’s just a job. No more no less.

I’m agree that every employee should has their own life outside work hour.  I’m not the brightest student in class but I have always been willing to pour in more effort to improve myself, same thing apply in work too. I’m learning a new language at the moment and I will get depressed if I happened to be slack around for many days. Your hard-works will pay off when you happen to use them in the future! 




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