Hunger for more knowledge: websites for iOS mobile developer

For a mobile developer, I browse a lot of sites when I need to find a solutions to fix my bug or learn a new features in iOS. Most of these sites are well-equipped and it makes the iOS learning process much interesting and easier to understand. Please inform me if I have missed out any cool sites! I will check it out soon!



Apple WWDC

When I started my self-learning  for iOS, I never bother to watch WWDC videos. I just don’t happened to think I should start my learning there.  When I searched for framework related information which complicated(for me at that time) and outdated ways of implementation suggested by the online blogs and tutorials so I decided to watch the WWDC as it IS the official and latest implementation that I should dig in.

I am a video-learner person so when the videos in WWDC on different topics (such as accessibility) wowed me as I didn’t know the features are there all the time! It ignited my interest so I keep my habit to watch 2-3 WWDC videos per week to learn more about iOS.

Random read

1.  –

I have to admit sometimes I don’t really have a clear idea what does it talking about in the content but I think it is something complicated and cool. Some advanced topics have been discussed and it is still good to let some important keywords to go through and who knows it will be useful to you one day.

2. NSHispter –


I always have a thing with Mr Moustache thus the UI of the site attracted me at first. It has many well-explained articles about iOS development and features.



1. Stackoverflow –


I believe this is everyone’s top 5 sites for mobile developers or even IT students. There are really a lot of nice samaritans willing to guide and solve your questions. Not sure if this is a myth, I realise the questions near midnight (Singapore time) is more “visible” and more developers are willing to answer your questions with examples.

There is a point-based system to collect more points as your questions are more popular or when you answer other people’s questions..etc. You can provide a bounty points to encourage more people to respond to your or other people’s questions.


1. CodeSchool –


One of my top 3 learning site at my early stage for my mobile and web development. This is a paid platform and I had the opportunities to use it when they gave out free 2 days trials to try out the lessons. Creative video concept and good teaching flow which make the learning cycle looks less intimidating.


2. Nettuts –


A lot of useful video tutorials available and beautiful UI. (I am UI lover) during my first year of learning iOS. However, I moved on to raywenderlich sites for more recent updates and tutorials.

3. Raywenderlich –


4. AppCoda –


A very useful site to learn iOS that has a lot of good and free tutorials.



1. TED –


Inspiration, humorous, informative and helpful talks that provides a lot of positive inputs to motivate you and you have more understanding on the thinking of leaders, writers, person of the year..etc.

 2. Quora –


A forum like stackoverflow but with vast fields like careers, cultural, language, countries..etc topics. I used to find solutions to my dilemma of work career in Quora.

**list will update in the future**



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