iOS Dev Scout March Meetup


iOS Dev Scout Meetup

iOS Dev Scout Meetup

Venue: Paypal office at Millenia Tower, Singapore

Date: 5th March 2015

Time: 7:00pm


Speakers: Subhransu Behera, Aizat Omar


Before 7:00PM: Dinner & Networking
7:00PM: Game Development with SpriteKit and Swift by Subh
8:00PM: Aizat will talk about how to use Photo library to grab photos from device photo gallery.



Part 1: SpriteKit

Subh gave a descriptions and concepts of how SpriteKit works and showed a few demos of his works which is quite interesting. Developing in SpriteKit for gaming mechanism will be different from normal app development which Subh showed us some codes to display some functionalities and effects.

I did some researches awhile ago where developers discussing which platforms (Cocoa2D, SpriteKit and Unity) should be used for game development. There’re pros and cons for each platform and developer need to choose based on their language preferences as well. Apparently, Unity can be used for cross-platform (Android, Windows, iOS..etc) but some features need to be purchased.

Review: Game development sounds daunting to me as I am dreaded by the thoughts of figuring out the physics and maths behind it to operate objects and the graphics needed so that you will not feel discourage when dealing with “ugly and simple” UI.  Besides, I am tempted to pick up Swift within these few months to play with it. Maybe it is time for me to buy Sprite book series to get my hands on it. 🙂


Sprite Kit Tutorial for Beginners


Part 2: PhotoKit

Never really venture into it before but seems like good to know to use it to speed things up in the project. According to Omar, there’s not enough guides and tutorials online so there he was to brief on this.

He introduced the methods to use the PhotoKit by using Apple documentation.





If you are an iOS developer and keen to join the group, click here.


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